We solve all your animal and bird problems | Wildlife and Waterfowl Solutions

Wildlife & Waterfowl Solutions LLC was established to provide solutions to customers for all of the animal nuisance problems that are occurring on their property.  Over 15 years of field experience has helped to provide customers with safe, effective and reliable animal control solutions.   We provide services for trapping, deterring, and removing animals, as well as preventing and repairing all types of animal damage that has occurred.  We will also remove dead animals from property.

  • We work on residential properties and commercial properties including:
    • Golf courses, Business parks, City/Township parks, Beaches, Airports, Corporate buildings, Apartment and Condo complexes, Homeowner Associations/Neighborhoods and Private Residences
  • We will fix your animal damage and prevent re-entry.
  • We will give a free inspection and consultation for first time clients
  • No cats and dogs.  Please call your local animal control
  • Licensed and insured trapper
  • All methods of animal removal are humane and in accordance with state laws and regulations
  • Servicing the greater Chicago area, North East Illinois, and South East Wisconsin

24 hour emergency call out service available for animal removal
Call us at: 847-626-5862