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Animal Trapping

Finding a qualified licensed
and insured animal trapper

It is important to find a qualified cost effective trapper to safely remove nuisance animals.  Nuisance animals can inhabit many residences and structures that include attics, vents, garages, sheds, under decks and porches, and crawl spaces.  Animals can be very difficult to trap and remove and a qualified expert should be called.

There are many differences in wildlife companies and the pricing out there and it is important to understand those differences when choosing a qualified animal trapper.

Many animal control businesses will not check their traps daily and require the homeowner to check traps daily.  Wildlife &Waterfowl Solutions LLC checks all traps daily as required by law.  It is very important to ask who is responsible for checking the trap.  This allows these businesses to charge less because they only visit when an animal is caught.  Here is a list of reasons why it is important to hire a responsible and full service trapping company.

  1. The biggest reason is liability. If the trap is not checked by the homeowner and an animal is caught then the homeowner and trapper are responsible and subject to animal cruelty laws and fines by leaving animals in trap for more than 24 hours without food or water.  Wildlife & Waterfowl Solutions LLC will never be associated with the chance of that liability and cruelty of animals and all traps are checked according to state laws.  All animals are treated humanely according to all state regulations and laws.
  2. Homeowner may be sprayed by trapped skunk or cause extra stress on the animal.  It is best to leave till a professional can remove safely and properly.
  3. Tracking and baiting.  It is essential and more effective to check bait amounts and rebait daily if not eaten. Trying different baits can increase the effectiveness.  Checking for scat and tracks daily also confirms animal presence and where they are traveling.  Only an expert would be able to identify these and know how to reset and rebait traps.

There are many animal control businesses that set up traps improperly and in the wrong locations.  Traps should be setup to limit non-target captures and should be specialized to block animal entry holes when possible.  Many trappers will charge for non-target captures which can lead to increased costs of the service.  Wildlife & Waterfowl Solutions LLC strives to capture the target animals and uses methods and traps to ensure success.  Some situations will lead to target and non-target animals living together in spaces so there is never any guarantee.

Repair work is just as important as removing the animal from the property.  Entry holes need to sealed up with proper materials and in a timely manner to prevent new animals from moving in.  Many contractors use materials that animals can chew and the problems continue over and over again.  Wildlife & Waterfowl Solutions LLC uses materials and products that are guaranteed to stop animal entry.

animal trapping

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